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Unlearn and Relearn Journal Vol 1

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  • The purchase of this item will make you eligible for the Mother's Day Giveaway. If you're unaware how that contest works, click this link now to join. You do not have to be a Mother to enter, but a Mother must receive the gift. 


The lack of open, healthy, and honest communication is one the biggest detriments of this current era and especially the one to come. We've become far removed from the organics of life excessively utilizing 140 characters, waving on Facebook, or using "Likes" to say I love you. Even worse many of us as parents have become so engulfed in adulting that we overlook the fact that our children didn't ask for this welcome party to the world, it was forced upon them. Lines like "Gimme A Minute", "Hold On", "Tell Me About It Later" are widening the communication gap between ourselves and the people who should matter to us the most. We blow them off but are prompt for things like money, sleep, and entertainment. You can not continue this pattern and ponder why you aren't their biggest influencer, theres a disconnect, they won't confide in you, or you are unable to maintain healthy relationships period. Our children shouldn't be hesitant to talk to us, afraid to be truthful, and confiding in sources outside of our home, but many of them are. 

The Unlearn and Relearn Journal will serve as physical group handbook and diary, created to promote honest lines of communication, free speech, and unification. Each page will contain solutions, exercises, and trouble shooting guides, while also allowing each party to dialogue back and forth. You'll be surprised at what your child has been needing to say, but didn't know how to. 

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