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The Family Banking Collection

    The Alpha and Omegas Of Banking Are Back & TOGETHER   In an era where the country is at a...



The Alpha and Omegas Of Banking Are Back & TOGETHER


In an era where the country is at a financial standstill, gurus are selling rented lifestyles, the masses need a real guide, built by individuals with real results, who really did it!


If you're reading this right now, that means you aren't blind to what's taking place in front of our very eyes. Our country is fleeting financially and those who don't get the tools themselves will most likely never get them period. Nothing is given here, you either take the chance or the chance takes you. If you think for a moment that this isn't factual, assess your past two generations financially and look at the one that you're currently raising. Your children are bound to inherit that same thing you did, if you make the necessary changes. 


For those looking for a simplified, cost efficient, but proven system to being your own bank and financial juggernaut, you've come to not only the correct place but the two most dangerous veterans in this industry. We live by results, not the facade of social media. 

We're providing you and that next generation that's counting on you, the opportunity to amass the knowledge and wealth that we typically get no access to. The opportunity to get yours won't be available indefinitely. 

 You know what's better than being over invested in our results? Investing in your very FBP, to ensure your family and children has the same security and financial backing ours does. 

The 1ST THOUSAND to purchase their Family Banking Pack, will also get access to over 50 hours of experience and result based teaching, with the "Family Banking" consisting of Derrick Grace II and Jake Tayler Jacobs. 

PLEASE ALLOW 24-48 HOURS TO GET ACCESS TO THE PACK AND COURSE. Feel free to message us at anytime, via the Contact Us button. 





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