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Gods Amongst Men Vol. 1

Wisdom without proper distribution, is nothing more then cerebral clutter. Far too often we focus...
Wisdom without proper distribution, is nothing more then cerebral clutter. Far too often we focus on the losses and wins of life's test, rather then the lesson or information to be taken away from arduous experiences. When being analytical and rational, there is no reason why adversity should strike us more then once in the same fashion. Trial and error is by far the greatest teacher, in my opinion. I would have not survived to strive and later thrive, had I not taken my past experiences with drug abuse, single Fathering, imprisonment, violence stricken streets, bias corporate America, independence, negativity, love, poverty, depression, betrayal, and a multitude of other conscious cultivating events.

Everyday life presents a new struggle and bout with the resistance. One must always remember this maze is 95% mental. With that ideology intact, one can mentally convince themselves everyday of the week that they'll supersede the terror in front of them on a consistent basis. Please believe and trust me, when I assure you once the mind wholeheartedly accepts the mission, the body will follow and fight with no reluctance. Intellectual property, energy, and time are our most prized possessions. Protect them, nurture them, and expound them upon those who are worthy. 

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My sole purpose in this life, is assisting you in finding yours...


  • ISBN: 978-1-5330-6630-5

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