“Post-Trump" 12-16 Week Online Course







Purchasing Options: 

  1. Regular Admission - Access to the "Post-Trump" course and it's entirety. 
  2. Regular Admission and Digital "Post-Trump" pack (delivered via email). This option is for those who would like to purchase the "PT" pack as well, especially to reference during class. 



"Post-Trump" Course Extra's!

  • Our security company @graceprivatesecurity will be holding online Conceal Carry Permit classes for attendees who are interested in acquiring such. 
  • Derrica will be an instructor, which will for sure be a great opportunity and time to have the little ones present for the course. 
  • Personal zoom calls, modules, and in person virtual classes. 
  • Private Q & A's and chats. 
  • A personal and detailed look into the storage/shipping center and chain of command used to run Derrick Grace's many companies. 
  • All classes etc are recorded and sent to attendees, you will never miss the information regardless of attendance. 



Post-Trump" Course"Post-Trump" Course & Digital Pack The most necessary course of 2020 is officially open and available for entry! We are dead center in one of the most transitional periods of our existence. From economics, laws, to robots, absolutely everything is evolving. If you have struggled at any other period in life, not being prepared for this current time is only going to deepen that past struggle. This is a hands on and interactive course headed by #1 selling author, educator, international entrepreneur, and home school instructor Derrick Grace II. 


This course will be comprised of online live classes, homework assignments, Q&A's, along with several other interactive channels to build and progress through these trying times. Only one admission is required per household and we strongly recommend having your children attend as well. Attendees will meet with Mr. Grace twice a week, receive homework assignments 3 times a week, and be able to keep live recordings following each individual class and the entire course. 


Once entry into the course has been purchased, attendee will receive a welcome email, beginning homework assignments, along with a schedule for upcoming classes. We look forward to building with you and the entire family in the "Post-Trump" course.